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Hello and welcome to Always and Forever Books, the home of the Forever Forest children’s book series!  Our goal here at A&F Books is to create a world of fun and excitement that brings out the kid in all of us.  Each of our stories focus on overcoming whatever obstacles we may face through love and friendship.  We are a family company and we believe that anything can be done with the love and support of one’s friends and family, and our characters in our books are no different!  Come join the Fairies of Forever Forest on all their adventures as they swim with dolphins, throw tea parties lit by fireflies, and even have some fun with tigers in a cave in the nearby town of Gnome Hill.  Explore our website to

  • get a preview of our books
  • download free printables to color
  • chat with the author
  • purchase books and dolls

We look forward to seeing you in Forever Forest, but if you’re looking for more, come visit us at the upcoming Orange County Children’s Book Fair and the Southern California Harvest Festivals!  See our UPCOMING EVENTS PAGE for more information.