“She wanted excitement and adventure, not just the same old water falling in the same spot… Or wandering slowly as a snail through the forest.”Swim along with Agua, our little Hispanic beauty and keeper of all the waters of the forest, as she learns to find contentment in her home.
The word ASHA means “life” in Swahili.  Our tender-hearted little African fairy is in charge of all the animals in Forever Forest and she loves each one with a great passion.  Follow along with her stories and see how many of her little animal friends you can spot hidden on the pages!
Generally speaking, Calli is a very hard working little fairy with smiling Irish green eyes, whose area of responsibility is the care of all the plants, trees and flowers of the forest.  Calli has a problem though.  You see, she loves things.  All kinds of things.  If it is pretty, or sparkly, or soft, or… Well, just anything, she has to have it.  Find out how Calli learns to let go of things and focus on what matters most.
Meet our charming fairy in charge of all the harmony and peace in Forever Forest.  Carisma’s natural calm, serene nature seems to go against her fiery Italian beginnings, but let me tell you… still waters run deep!  She loves her fairy family and will do anything for them.
Meet Catia, our stylish Russian fairy with a wardrobe as big as the seasons!  (She is our only little girly that gets to change her costume with each season… so far!)  Catia learns how to open her beautiful heart to give to others while she takes care of all the seasons in the forest.A wintery wonderland opens up to her as she receivesloving embraces and kind words in return.
Meet, Davey the Gnome!  He is the contractor gnome to all!  There is nothing this talented guy can’t build.  Read Calli’s book to see the beautiful shop he makes for her.  Oh don’t worry, Davey will be building all over Forever Forest and Gnome Hill in the books to come!
Say hello to Dew, the blue eyed fairy in charge of placing all the morning dew in the forest. This adorable little bundle of energy rushes through her chores and causes havoc along the way.  Come fly with her as she learns to take care with her actions.
This friendly neighbor to the fairies is a great guy to have around.  He is the gnome in charge of all transportation for Gnome Hill and Forever Forest.  It’s a funny thing about our gnome friends,they always seem to  know when they are needed!
Kelli, the keeper of the plants and flowers in Forever Forest, finds that giving in to her Irish temper only lands her in trouble.  With the help of her friends and twin sister Calli, she learns to be quick to listen, slow to speak and even slower to become angry.
Luna is the light to our little group.  She is the fairy in charge of all the light in the forest.  How does this Nordic gem of a fairy sparkle so bright?  Read her first story, “Luna Lights Up” to find out!
Our wonderful farmer/market gnome is a joy to be around.  Take a peek at Asha’s book to see just what Mikey is doing to help the sweet fairies of Forever Forest.
This Middle Eastern beauty melts our hearts.  From the sparks of canary yellow in her deep golden eyes to the ruffles of her feathered dress, she’s a keeper.  Peep IS the keeper of all the birds in Forever Forest.Together they make sweet music for all.
This happy little guy is the Fire Chief for Gnome Hill and Forever Forest.  He also happens to be Wyatt the gnome’s brother!  As if they don’t have enough adventures with our little fairies… just wait till you see them again in their very own series.
Meet the W-man!  Wyatt is the police chief gnome that lives just beyond the Forever Forest in a place called Gnome Hill.  For right now, Wyatt visits often in Forever Forest to see his best friend Zee and to help out whenever he can with whatever the fairy folk might need.  We will be seeing a lot more of this wonderful guy just as soon as the Gnome Hill series gets to writing itself!
Meet Zee, our sweet and gentle Asian inspired fairy. She is honored to take care of all the insects in the forest.  The only thing is, Zee thinks she has to do everything by herself.  She soon learns there is no need to stress when you have friends who love you and want to help.  Follow along while her best friend Wyatt the gnome teaches her about teamwork.