Rhiannon Capri

Rhiannon Capri.  Who would have thought those two little names could give the sweetest thoughts ever imagined to one person.  Rhiannon Capri, an eight pound bundle of so much joy my heart aches with it.  Rhiannon Capri I am so in love with you nothing bad may ever touch me again.  All my inner turmoil(…)

Sprinkling Toes!

Humor.  Webster defines it as a mental disposition or temperament.  Ok, so we have pills for all the negative traits in our minds… Why can’t someone spend them time creating a humorous pill. Laughter has been proven to increase positive moods.  I know that just one look at a  little baby blowing nose bubbles sends(…)

Man, I love this time of life.

Aggghhh, I can hardly stand it!  The amount of cuteness in this picture… I’m going to need a bigger body to contain the swelling of my heart at this site! AND there’s another girl version of all this on her way… Early February, 2015 your gonna hear my heart explode from all the wonder that(…)

Happy New Year!

Well, Christmas is over.  My deepest prayer is that everyone had a wonderful one.  I certainly did!  There is a very famous Christmas song that talks about keeping Christmas in our hearts all year. I think that is going to be my New Year resolution challenge to all… including myself. I’m really over making my(…)


Well, I really hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I did. All through the year I try to be the kind of person that gives thanks. For the little things, the big things and even for the not so great things. One of my favorite shows out right now is NCIS New Orleans.(…)

Happy Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving is near, I thought I would post what I am most thankful for. I am so thankful for my children.  I blinked and now, my children are having children.  Investing my whole self in them was the best decision of my life.  As I reflect back on my life I can honestly say,(…)

Driving Miss Crazy

I’ve discovered something about myself lately.  When I say something is driving me crazy… Apparantly that’s a road I like to take. Hmmm?  Driving Miss Crazy?… Sounds like a book title to me.

Well hello, and welcome to my new blog!

So very excited to finally have it up and running! A huge thank you to my wonderful son for all his hard work bringing this website up to speed! I am so blessed to have such great support from all my family. They all have “real” “busy” lives and yet they are there for me(…)